Community Furniture Aid




It was wonderful to see how household goods that previously may have gone to landfill can help people rebuild their lives.

Madeleine Moon MP


It's been a very exhausting few days, but we done it with your help and generosity. There is a family sitting comfortable in their home, they can now call it a home and not just a house. All the furniture looks fabulous, the place looks cosy. They keep telling us it is a miracle and it is!! Thank you for the good work you do. You are very special kind caring loving people.


Thank you so, so much for your help in supplying a bed base. It was an emergency that we just heard someone was coming out of hospital today – you’ve been a life saver!


It was so great to meet you and to see the great work you are doing for people in need. I very much enjoyed the time we spent together and I was very impressed with all the good work you do. You fill a gap which really help people getting back on track again.

Per Wimmer


Just wanted to say a huge thank you for the furnishings you provided today which is helping my daughter and her baby son start a new life. Your organisation is such a positive inspiration to people, young and old, who struggle to build new lives. You do this all yourselves without any gain yourselves and your volunteers are truly an inspiration and help to restore faith in others. Once again a huge thank you for everything and may your organisation continue to be available to help all those in need as without angels like you people would be struggling even more.